PFMC New Membership Practice


After considerable thought and deliberation, PFMC changed its business model to a “membership practice” in 2022. This difficult decision was made due to the changing landscape of medicine. Increasing technology needs, government oversight and regulation, and lower insurance reimbursements now threaten our ability to continue to provide our current level of personalized care. At PFMC, we are committed to retaining our independence which we feel allows our patients to receive outstanding care. By creating a membership practice we will be able to continue to support your healthcare needs in a way that doesn’t compromise our values as physicians.

Membership practices are no longer unusual, many practitioners have switched to this model with success measured by increased patient and doctor satisfaction. We will provide services and care beyond what your traditional insurance covers. You still retain your current insurance. Billing is unchanged including copays and deductibles when applicable. All services that your insurance covers will not be affected. Membership is completely separate from your current insurance. With regard to your current health insurance including Medicare, nothing changes. We realize this decision will not be popular with some patients and families; many we have been seeing for three generations. Any cost increase to our patients is significant, we don’t take this lightly. We will keep membership costs as nominal as possible.

Membership may provide some services not offered by insurance plans. Examples include: office appointments not limited to one issue, weight loss management, travel counseling, non-emergency care when traveling outside the U.S., coordination of community care services and referrals, and cost- effective prescription management. We also offer in-house billing and triage with timely appointments as needed. We are also excited to start a quarterly “Med Talk”, an in-person, after-hours informal presentation and open discussion on health topics such as weight loss, tobacco cessation, aesthetic treatments, and chronic disease management, such as diabetes. This will help inspire a “proactive” rather than “reactive” approach to improving your health.

Your “Care Team” will be led by your physician and will include a Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner and Medical Assistants/Nurses, Your team will be working closely together to ensure prompt, efficient, and comprehensive care. You will have an opportunity to enjoy an ongoing relationship with your care team.

Membership Fees are as follows:

  • Adults (Age 26+) $50 monthly. Debited from a credit or debit card on file at the end of each month. Cancel anytime. Or $550 yearly, non-refundable.
  • Children/young adults (25 years of age or less) free if parent(s) are PFMC patients.
  • Children/young adults (25 years of age or less) $30 monthly, cancel anytime. Or $330 yearly non-refundable if parent(s) are not patients at PFMC.

To sign up, please contact our billing department at 253-851-7361. We thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely, Erin Dodge MD, Joan Halley DO, Vince Leverett MD, and Jennifer Smith MD.