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 Covid-19 Disease and Covid Vaccine Update (11/30/2021)

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We are currently seeing a downward trend in Covid 19 cases.  This is occurring throughout the country and in Washington state.  However we strongly urge that you continue to be very vigilant and careful about your risk of contracting Covid.  We are seeing number of breakthrough cases in people that have been vaccinated.  For this reason we strongly recommend that you continue to wear masks and social distance in any setting which you could be exposed to somebody who is unvaccinated or is sick.  Avoid large gatherings or any gathering in which you do not know everyone and can be sure that they have been vaccinated or are not ill.

At this point we still require that you wear a mask when you come to our office.  We strongly encourage everyone to get a vaccine.  The vaccine is effective and limits your likelihood of becoming infected with Covid.  Getting infected with Covid does not ensure that you’ll be immune.  People who have gotten the vaccine are 5 times less likely to get Covid than people who have previously had the actual disease.  The antibody response to the vaccine is much more predictable than the antibody response to the disease.  We recommend the vaccine for everyone over the age of 5. We recommend boosters for all adults over 18.  At this point we feel that the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are all acceptable.  However the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be avoided in women under age 50.  We feel that a booster for Moderna and Pfizer can be either one or the other.  We do recommend one of the mRNA boosters for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, although the Johnson & Johnson booster is acceptable.  You can schedule a vaccination or the booster at your local pharmacies.  We are not currently providing Covid vaccines at our office.

For anyone who thinks they have contracted Covid, we recommend that you call our office and receive an evaluation.  Symptoms of Covid include runny nose, cough, body aches, loss of sense of taste and smell, and or diarrhea.  If you feel that you have been exposed to Covid or have symptoms of the Covid illness, we recommend that you get testing.  You can get this at some of the pharmacies and we also offer it at our clinic. If you have a positive test, you should quarantine for at least 10 days.  If you have had exposure, you should quarantine for at least 14 days after exposure.

Please call our office (253) 851-5121, if you have any other questions with respect to the Covid illness or the Covid vaccine.

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